How to Weatherproof Your Car

By Parker Keatin


Winter time is upon us, is your car ready for the drastic change in temperatures and possibly the snow? The winter often exposes the maintenance needs for your vehicle. Unfortunately, this exposure means that you may find yourself on the side of the road, and calling your auto club for a tow to the mechanic. Far too many drivers negate their winter responsibilities to their vehicle; resulting in significant inconveniences in the worst possible season. Here, we will give you the guidance needed to make sure your car is weatherproof this winter season.

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Smart and Sustainable In-Home Technology to Reduce Utility Costs

The financial and environmental costs of using utilities add up fast. In many cases – and we’re all guilty of this – we don’t realize how much we’re consuming until the utility bill shows up. We scratch our heads and think, “wow, there’s no way I used 897 kilowatt-hours of electricity this month.” (The average U.S. household uses that much each month and 10,766 kWh per year.)

Fortunately, there are several in-home tech products that will save you money on your utility bills and help the environment at the same time.

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St. Patty’s Day Shamrock Shuffle

2018 is full of surprises! Not only have we rolled out a brand new website, we are calling this year “The Year of the Charter”. We are starting out with a bang with the announcement of our first ever sell-by-seat tour! So this means we are including selling individual tickets in our repertoire of service offerings and not just focusing solely on groups.

This St. Patrick’s Day (Saturday 3/17), our Shamrock Shuffle Irish Pub Crawl will allow for a safe mode of transportation this upcoming holiday. We will be visiting the best Irish Pubs Portland has to offer. So a special thanks to North 45 PubKatie O’Brien’s, and Whelan’s Irish Pub for hosting plenty of taps at their respective establishments, green beer, Irish whiskey and traditional Irish food. Only $25/person. Must be 21+. Bus leaves at 2pm. Full itinerary and Book your tickets here: Sláinte!

§Drink Green, Wear Green, Ride Green§        21+Over Event


Please take public transportation to the pickup location (or pay to park if you have a DD)

Bus leaves Promptly at 2:00PM (Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to validate your ticket with the driver) around the corner from Kell’s Irish Pub (Corner of SW 2nd and SW Ash)

1st Stop (2:15PM – 3:15PM) – North 45

2nd Stop (3:30PM – 4:45PM) – Katie O’Brien’s

3rd Stop (5:00PM – 6:30PM) – Whelan’s Pub

Drop Off – Kell’s Irish Pub

*Though Kell’s is not a participating bar in the tour, feel free to start the day there or cap the tour off (or both if you wanna get really crazy) there if for some reason you hadn’t imbibed enough!

PS. Don’t get too tipsy and forget to tip your driver! It’s good luck after all!



7 Crazy Things That Are Going To Happen As Sea Levels Rise

The Environmental Impact of Driving Your Own Vehicle

This is an article from Gemma Renton

Car pollution is having a huge impact on our environment, affecting everything from the size of the hole in the ozone layer to the health and wellbeing of the general public, with vehicle air pollution contributing to the rise in individuals suffering from acute respiratory conditions around the world. One of the most devastating impacts of increased motor vehicle use is the increased level of pollutants it is releasing into our air and atmosphere.

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Reasons To Get Into Wine

This is an article from Gemma Renton

One of the services we most like to offer is wine tours. Wine tours are fantastic fun, but many people think they’re just for acknowledged wine buffs. Not so! Anyone can enjoy a wine tour, whatever your level of ‘expertise’ in the subject! To be honest, you don’t really even have to like wine to have a great time on a wine tour – the process itself is fascinating enough – but if you did fancy getting into wine, a wine tour is a good place to start. There are lots of reasons to get into wine – here are just a few of them…

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