The Bed Has Been Raised!


Hey gang!  Last week saw us raise the bed!  The crew got together in the rain and occasional sunshine to build a raised garden bed.  There was plenty of fertilizer to be shoveled, oh yes.  It turned out really well.  We all had fun and learned new things.  The folks for whom we built the garden were super appreciative as they both suffer from multiple sclerosis, and have difficulty walking and gardening at ground level.  I could go on and on about it, but why do that when I can just post a bunch pictures from the event?  Continue reading The Bed Has Been Raised!

Garden to your heart’s content


How’s it going blog readers?  Things are going well here at ecoShuttle, we are definitely staying busy getting ready for our big GrowingGardens Fundraiser ( this Sunday at our headquarters, 2420 NE Columbia Blvd, here in P-town.  Our goal is to help get people in low income families up and gardening so they can have some fresh fruits and veggies throughout the year.  I told my mum about this and she really liked the idea, and I think she put it best when she busted out this age-old adage; if you give someone fish they will have food for a day, if you teach someone to fish they will have food for a lifetime (–but if they are like me and don’t eat seafood, they will just have a lifetime supply of fish with no place to put them). Continue reading Garden to your heart’s content