Lewis & Clark!!!


I have some good news from ecoShuttle Land:  We will be taking over Lewis and Clark College’s Pioneer Express bus route.  This means we’ve hired some talented new drivers.  We also just wrapped up our service out at Pickathon, which was again quite successful, it even got a nice write-up in a blog that I link to quite frequently, and will do again right now!  (http://www.grist.org/living/2011-08-12-friday-music-festival-blogging-green-and-groovy-at-pickathon) Continue reading Lewis & Clark!!!

Updates from ecoShuttle Land


Hello everyone, this week has been so busy at ecoShuttle headquarters, here are some new developments from ecoShuttle Land!

One exciting piece of news is that our newest, smallest vehicle, the new Nissan Leaf has finally made it to Portland.  There has been such high demand for this vehicle that it was originally delayed from last December and was expected to arrive in May.  Then there was the devastating tsunami in Japan that pushed the date back to the end of June. Continue reading Updates from ecoShuttle Land