Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Friday Blog Readers!

The cold wintery season is certainly upon us. Hopefully everyone is staying warm and safe. I love the holiday season, but, if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling around like a crazy person trying to find gifts for loved ones. I have found that shopping for parents is never easy. But if you live in the Portland area, I have some great ideas for you. Continue reading Holiday Gift Ideas

In with the new, out with the old!

Hi Blog Readers,

The ecoShuttle Blog has taken an extended hiatus due to the fact that we’ve been very busy! We have updated our fleet with some new additions, while some of our old standbys have sadly been retired. One such bus, known fondly as the 17-passenger, has said its last goodbyes after nearly 5 years with ecoShuttle. Continue reading In with the new, out with the old!

Electric roads? Green energy ghost towns?

Have you ever wanted to drive a car that runs on the street car or trolley system?  I personally have never really thought about it, but Masahiro Hanazawa at Toyota Central R&D Labs in Japan, working with Takashi Ohira at the Toyohashi University of Technology, are all about figuring out how to make this work.  Seemingly, the cars would run on a sort of track like those electric slot race car games where the little cars go flying around the track, deriving their energy from electricity supplied to the track.  Sounds exciting to me!  ( Continue reading Electric roads? Green energy ghost towns?

Lewis & Clark!!!


I have some good news from ecoShuttle Land:  We will be taking over Lewis and Clark College’s Pioneer Express bus route.  This means we’ve hired some talented new drivers.  We also just wrapped up our service out at Pickathon, which was again quite successful, it even got a nice write-up in a blog that I link to quite frequently, and will do again right now!  ( Continue reading Lewis & Clark!!!

Two Paths Emerge, Take the Green Path!


Traveling responsibly is not only popular among Oregonians; it’s also the right thing to do.  Now ecoShuttle is making it even easier for travelers coming into, and out of Portland.  So now you’re wondering, “Mark, how can ecoShuttle make it any easier than they already have for us to get in, out, or around the Portland area without having to strangle Mother Earth?”  Wait for it….  BAM!  ecoShuttle has recently acquired a Green Path Transfers franchise for Portland! Continue reading Two Paths Emerge, Take the Green Path!

Please Allow me to Introduce Myself

Hello, ecoShuttle blog readers!  For this week’s blog, I thought it prudent to introduce myself as the recently appointed blog author.  My name is Mark Klosterman (though if Microsoft Word’s spellcheck had its way, my name would be Mark Lobsterman!), and I am a transplant from the great state of Ohio.  I am a graduate of Ohio University (2006), with a degree in video production and film.   When I’m not working, I enjoy working out, reading, and playing guitar.  I pride myself on practicing green habits such as recycling; reusing things that might normally just get tossed into the garbage, and biking everywhere instead of owning a car. Continue reading Please Allow me to Introduce Myself