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About Us

For 10 years, ecoShuttle has been providing eco-friendly charter and regular route transportation services for companies and groups both large and small.

Black Lives Matter

Dear ecoShuttle friends and community,

The protests and discussions following the horrific murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police have forced all of us to take a look at ourselves, our business practices, and our responsibility to our Black community members. We believe that businesses can be a force for good and that it's our responsibility to use our business, voice, and privilege to make our communities better and more equitable.

We need to be more engaged, we need to listen, and we are committed to anti-racism. We stand behind the #BLM movement and will do our best to educate ourselves and work towards dismantling these systems of oppression.

Please vote with people of color in mind. Please donate to #BLM organizations. Please have discussions with your friends and family about white privilege, racial inequality and the disturbing racist roots of our country.

Here’s a good start.

Thank you to those who stand with us and our hearts go out to the families and communities affected by systemic racism.

The ecoShuttle Team