Ban studded tires. Please.


Portland activist Jeff Bernards invested $10,000 of his own money to start a campaign to ban studded tires in Oregon this last January.  Groups opposing the ban recently saw their coffers expand by $100,000 as tire companies join the fray.  I think the ban is a good idea.

            Fiscally, studded tires cost our broke-as-a-joke state $40 million dollars annually, plus, when the studs grind up the gravel and debris it goes into the lungs of pedestrians and cyclists, like me (  Said debris also ends up on the sides of the roads.  Well guess who is on the side of the road; that’s right, cyclists, who are trying not to wipe out on all that debris!

            I know what you’re thinking:  Mark, how the heck am I going to drive all over the place in the winter without my studded tires?  BLIZZAKS, my friend!  I have to admit that ecoShuttle did use studded tires in previous winter seasons because we go to places that snow in the winter.  This season, however, was our first using BLIZZAKS and they worked even better than studded tires, so this is a win-win (  If you want to rally around the ban, here are some links to information on how to get involved: