Good News, Bad News

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It looks like summer is finally here!  I hope you’re all able to enjoy it.  In this week’s blog I want to look at some positive as well as some negative developments involving the health of our planet.

First off, let’s check in with the Bad News Bear: 

Bad News Bear: “Rawrrr!  I’ve got some bad news!  Obama decided against tightening restrictions on air pollution, instead he’s having the deadline for reconsidering air pollutant levels pushed back to 2013.  The EPA has indicated that tightening the restrictions on smog this year would have saved 12,000 lives between now and 2020 (  Dang it!  And that’s not all; Secretary of Energy Steven Chu also announced he is considering approving the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport crude oil extracted from Canada’s tar sands.  Rawr, this is bad news because if something were to happen to this pipeline, say a leak (which does happen!), crude could spray out all over delicate ecosystems ranging the length of the pipe from Canada to Texas.  Aren’t we just about done with petrol these days anyway (    As for me, I recently attempted to drive a Prius, don’t believe me?  Here’s a link to the story: – Rawr, I’m out.”

So after the depressing breakdown from Bad News Bear, here’s some good news:  The federal government is throwing some cash at ideas for new fish-friendly hydroelectric energy for Oregon and Washington (  Also, scientists are looking towards stem-cell research as a possible solution to prevent the extinction of our endangered mega fauna, though some scientists believe it will be too late for some species that are already toeing the line of extinction (

That’s all for this week’s blog action.  If you’re going to MusicfestNW, which starts tonight,  I’ll see you there!


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