Holiday Season Good News

Happy Holidays Blog Readers!

Here is some Holiday Season good news:

The EPA is preparing to release new mercury and air toxins standards, and it appears as though the industry is prepared to meet them.  Team work, yay!

Facebook is ditching coal energy in favor of renewable energy.  “Like!”

ecoShuttle has adopted a highway!  We will be tending a stretch of I205 from NE Sandy Blvd. to the Glen Jackson Bridge.  But just because you know we’ll be out there cleaning it up, doesn’t mean you should start chucking your garbage out the window on your way to Vancouver.


The Portland Blazers have just acquired baller Jamal Crawford who is super jazzed to be in Portland.  Welcome to Portland, Jamal, can’t wait to see you tear it up on the court!

Also, ecoShuttle has procured a new vehicle, it should be here soon and I will post a picture when it is set to go!

Lastly, I will be posting and blogging from Chicago next week, looking at some of their green initiatives, as well as having myself a good time, so check our Facebook and Twitter pages periodically for updates.

Have a great weekend!