Another Contest Winner!

Hello Blog Readers,

Happy Thanksgiving! I always get very excited about Thanksgiving, as it is my favorite holiday. I was browsing ways to save a little money this Thanksgiving, when I came across this fantastic list of ways to make Thanksgiving more cost-effective and more sustainable as well! I didn’t know that nearly 25% of all food prepared for Thanksgiving goes to waste. That’s pretty sad considering there are many people in this country who will be going hungry on Thanksgiving.

Anyways, on to some good news; we have another winner to announce! ecoShuttle held another drawing while we were attending the Bravo Wedding Affair. The winner of our contest for free wedding transportation is Sarah! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Sarah, and congratulations on winning the ecoShuttle Free Wedding Transportation Sweepstakes!

Getting back to Thanksgiving, we all know what happens the day after; Black Friday of course! While I personally dislike the idea of Black Friday (and the violence that inevitably ensues), something I can definitely get behind is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is a day where people are encouraged to shop at small, local, brick and mortar stores. Here is a nice little web page promoting the event, complete with shop small map indicating small businesses in your neck of the woods.

That’s all for this week, have a great Thanksgiving!


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