5 Reasons to ride with ecoShuttle

summer dog


5 Reasons to Book a Charter with ecoShuttle this summer:

1)      You want to go on a wine tour with friends, but none of you want to drive, especially after drinking wine all afternoon.

bumper sticker

2)      You want to ride in a 100% biodiesel bus, instead of a bus that claims to run on biodiesel thanks to a bumper sticker, but is actually just running on 5% biodiesel like every other diesel powered bus in Oregon

3)      You don’t know what you’re trying to do, but you need transportation; let our staff assist you in all stages of planning your event transportation—it’s what we do everyday!

4)      You need a ride to the airport and no one wants to take you at 3:00am. Hey—we’ll do it! We operate 24-hours a day.

5)      Patrick will drive you, and he’s a heckuva guy!