Summer is going too fast!

Happy Friday Blog Readers!

I hope summer is treating you well! As far as I am concerned, the summer is going a little too fast. The upside, however, is that football season is nearly upon us (though my girlfriend would probably disagree that that is an upside).

The one pro football team in our neck of the woods has taken big sustainability steps: The Seattle Seahawks Century Link Field has installed solar panels which now account for 30% of the facility’s energy.  Additionally, the facility has been diverting 94% of its waste from landfills since they implemented 100% compostable food containers and recyclable plastic bottles. They’ve also produced 5 million gallons of biodiesel through recycling of used cooking oil, biodiesel that will power the ecoShuttle bus that you could be taking to the game.

What better weekend fun then to pack some coolers full of beer, then hop on the bus with 30 of your best friends to take off to Seattle for some football without having to worry about parking or drinking and driving, or clogging up the highways. The best part is you’d actually be saving money doing this. If you were to drive to Seattle and back for a game, you’d be paying upwards of $100 for fuel and parking, whereas a 31-passenger ecoShuttle bus would come out to about $40/person.

Call 503-548-4480 and ask for me, Mark, and I’ll make your football dreams come true!

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