The Good News Blog!


By: Mark Klosterman

Hello everyone!  As you have probably noticed, it is easy to be a negative Nancy when writing about environmental issues and climate change, but people are making great efforts to correct this, and it is okay to write about that too.  Hopefully I can make this a recurring blog theme that I will call…”The Good News Blog!”  Continue reading The Good News Blog!

Better Living? You bet!


            Hello blog readers!  I hope that any of you who made it to the Better Living Show this weekend had a great time.  On behalf of all the ecoShuttle family that was there, I have to say we had a great time commiserating with everyone, and checking out new green products and innovations.  I personally was excited to see the Nissan Leaf in person.  Have I mentioned that ecoShuttle is getting one?  I’m sure that I have, but just for good measure, we’re getting a leaf!  I have to also say that next to the Leaf was an old 1960’s MGB that had been converted into an electric vehicle, and it was sharp looking! Continue reading Better Living? You bet!