Why you should consider a micro-wedding

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Are you considering a small-scale, intimate celebration for your wedding day? Perhaps a large gathering is currently not possible, or simply doesn’t appeal. The prevailing trend for micro weddings brings many benefits: they cost less money to organize, they’re more eco-friendly, you have more flexibility regarding your venue, and hosting a select celebration lets you really focus on the details to ensure your day is truly memorable. Here are some ideas to make your big day perfectly compact.

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Invite your nearest and dearest

Honing your guest list may seem a challenge. Who do you speak to frequently? Who gives you great advice and reassurance, makes you smile when you think of them, and never fails to brighten your day? Invite those people you and your partner feel closest to, and who you feel most comfortable with. This way you’ll celebrate your day surrounded by loved ones who really matter in your life.


Make it personal

A smaller gathering gives you scope for a less orthodox, more personal venue. Perhaps hold your celebrations at the restaurant where you had your first date, or in the backyard of your family home. How about an outdoor theme such as a garden or beach wedding? You can obtain permission to get married in a national park, or in a beautiful public building or gallery.

You could rent a private property in a stunning location with room to accommodate your guests, such as a beach house or country lodge. Or perhaps hold your celebrations aboard a boat floating on a serene lake. 


Get creative

Instead of heading to the printers, make handwritten invitations for your guests. Everyone will appreciate the attention to detail, and they make beautiful keepsakes. After your wedding, you could send out a handwritten wedding announcement to your larger circle of friends who didn’t attend on the day.

fifty licks ice cream catering portland
fifty licks ice cream catering portland

Use local suppliers

Support local businesses, such as your local florist and bakery. Hire a chef from your favorite restaurant to do the catering. Local Ice cream company, fifty-licks, provides catering for a simple and sweet wedding treat. Book a small group of live musicians instead of a DJ – they’ll provide an instant atmosphere, and will happily perform your favorite songs. Oregon Bride magazine is a great source for local wedding related businesses. Source a reputable photographer to capture the key moments of your intimate and exclusive gathering.


All in the detail

A long banquet table or a U-shaped table layout will give you and your guests a feeling of inclusion and togetherness. Perhaps set up a lounge area with day beds and oversize cushions for everyone to relax and interact.

A smaller group will be cheaper to cater for. Will you indulge in a six-course meal, a sumptuous buffet, or a laid-back BBQ? If you want a tiered cake, ask your wedding bakery to make a scaled-down version. Alternatively, you can opt for individual cupcakes. You can present them in recyclable boxes for your guests to take away at the end of the celebrations.

Make personalized place cards. Be inspired by your surroundings and bring nature into your planning. Examples include writing the name of each guest on a leaf, a stone, or a seashell. You could also make handwritten menus using a gold pen and parchment paper.

Ensure your photographer captures everyone in a group shot. You can have this made into a thank you card to send out after the event.

Let your guests throw flower petals instead of confetti after the ceremony. They will look and smell beautiful, plus they’re eco-friendly.


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